Bank Of America Credit Card Phone Number

00 1 757-677-4701

How to activate your Bank Of America Credit Card Phone Number 2022?

Contact Bank Of America Credit Card Support at 00 1 757-677-4701 using the number linked with your account.

  • Go to Bank Of America Credit Card activation website and sign in.
  • Log in to Bank Of America mobile app using the same information as your online account.
  • Tap on your profile and then click Account Settings, then tap Activate Credit Card.
  • When prompted, enter the 3-digit security code to activate your card.

Customer Number 00 1 757-677-4701 – by the Numbers

Department you're callingCustomer Service
Call center hours24 hours, 7 days
Alternate methodsphone,email
Navigate phone maze to a humanDirect to human
Information last updated
One Week Ago

Pre-approved Credit Cards for 2022

Credit card companies will offer pre-approved credit cards to applicants. These are offers that show you have a high chance of approval. Pre-approved offers are sent via mail or email, and most credit card companies permit people to pre-qualify.

You will need to activate your credit card according to the specific steps. The card issuer may vary, so make sure to read the instructions. This quick guide will help you activate your credit card with the most prominent card issuers.

People Also Ask

How do I activate a credit card?

Call the number on the back of the card to activate your credit card. Or go to the website using the activation sticker. Usually, you need the credit card number and, if there is one, the security code (CVV) to activate a credit card.

Where can I check my credit card application status?

Depending on your credit card company, you can check the status online or over the phone. Although most credit card applicants receive a decision in a matter of minutes, it can take longer for issuers who need additional information or when it’s close to approval or rejection. Some credit card applications remain in pending status for 30 days.

How can I activate my credit card without calling?

You can activate credit cards online or through a mobile app. Also, you may be able to activate the card in person at one of the branch offices and speak with a bank teller.

What is the average credit card activation time limit?

Most issuers won’t reveal their credit card activation limit. Based on the reports of most cardholders, it is believed that activation time limits can be between 60 and 90 business days.

Even if you do not activate your card, it will still appear on your credit reports. This won’t have a significant impact on your credit score. Even if you don’t activate the card, it will increase your credit utilization ratio.

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